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Thursday, August 29, 2019


                 NEW SESSION at DRUMZ begins SEPTEMBER 14th!
Just a reminder that the new session of six week classes at DRUMZ begins the week of September 14th! There is a Beginner Class from 8-9pm WEDNESDAY evenings( starts 9/18)  and also one on SATURDAY Mornings ( starts 9/14th)from 10-11am at DRUMZ! If you have been thinking about checking out a Hand Drumming class with Sherry at DRUMZ, now might be the perfect time! AND we have a brand new hand drumming class for All Levels in South Austin ( just south of the river on Toomey Street at CASA de LUZ!!)  beginning on TUESDAY night , September 17th, at 8:15 Pm!  This is a six week session as well entitled  “Discovering the Magic of Hand exploration of West African style Ensemble playing”! This class at Casa de Luz is for beginners and those already on the drummers’s path, as are all the beginner sessions I teach! There is also a specifically Beyond Beginner Djundun Class on Wednesdays from 6:45pm to 7:45pm at DRUMZ (starts 9/18) an Intermediate Djembe/Djundun class on Thursday nights at 6:45pm (?starts 9/19) and A Beyond Beginner Djembe Solo Class on Saturday mornings from 11:15am 12:15 pm (starts 9/14). We also have a Balafon Class with Master Player, performer, and teacher from Guinea , West Africa, Abou Sylla, teaching the traditional music of his  country at 4pm on Saturdays at Drumz! Call Sherry for details on the Balafon class! We are also beginning our monthly Community Drum Circles at DRUMZ in September .The First Circle will be the 2nd Saturday night of the month,  , from 7:30-9pm in the parking lot in front of the Wendy Wells Jewelry directly next door to Kerbey Lane Cafe and in front of DRUMZ!
I am so looking forward to some cooler temps this Fall and some HOT drummin’ at DRUMZ! Please join the warm, supportive, friendly, and caring Drumz Community in learning these magical , mystical, mesmerizing rhythms and songs from West Africa!  This can open the door to a discovery of a brand new means of creative self expression, deepened communication with others through group music making , an awakening to our inter-connection with the natural world around us and an empowering new pathway for personal growth , healing, and transformation through rhythm! Drums are provided for new students for your first session  ! Call or text Sherry at (512) 791-9516 to register for a class or for more information ! Visit our website at or stop by Drumz at 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane ( in the cottage nestled in the tropical gardens behind Wendy Well’s Jewelry and next door to the original Kerbey Lane Cafe!  If you have a heartbeat, you have RHYTHM! No previous musical experience necessary!
I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon!

All the very best, Sherry

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

  The New Summer II Session begins July 13th!

                                           Please join us for the last session of Hand Drumming classes for the summer starting JULY 13th! This will be a shorter 4 week session and the cost is $70 .  Please join us!Come join us and learn the language of the drum and new ways to express yourself creatively and to communicate with others from your heart through your hands on the drum! Drumming has been a means of exploring and expanding our inner spirits for eons, as well as a powerful method for building and strengthening community bonds, relieving tension and reducing stress, connecting to a higher power, honoring changes, life passages, and Earth passages, as well as a way to heal our bodies , minds, and souls! And it has always been a celebratory means of expressing the pure joy of BEING ALIVE! I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon! In peace, love, and gratitude, Sherry

Saturday mornings BEGINNER AND BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE & DJUNDUN...class begins July 13th from 10-11am. We cover basic rudiments of hand drumming, exercises to develop technique, information about the history and tradition of Djembe and dun in Africa, some traditional rhythms and solo phrases, songs, and an opportunity to experience in-the-moment percussion creations in a closing rhythm each night. DRUMS ARE PROVIDED if you do not yet have your own!

Saturday morning KRIN CLASS , the African Log Drum, for those who have a Krin and are ready to move to the next level! We do have KRINS available for sale at DRUMZ right now if you do not yet have your own and would like to join this class.
11:15am-12:15pm. Starting July 13th.

Wednesday evenings BEYOND BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE DJUNDUN CLASS 6:45pm-7:45pm. This class is for those folks already familiar with djundun rhythms and ready to move on in complexity and speed! If you are a beginner level student please join our 10am Saturday morning class for djundun playing! Class begins Wednesday evening July 17th at 6:45pm for a 4wk. session.

Wednesday evening BEGINNER AND BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE CLASS...."The Art and Magic of Hand Drumming"begins July 17th from 8-9pm  for a four week session. This is a fun and lively class of folks rocking' out on djembe! All levels join together to create great music as we learn songs and rhythms and solo phrases from West Africa! DRUMS ARE PROVIDED if you do not yet have your own. Come join us and discover the joy of hand drumming and group music making!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The annual 2019 Drumsista Concert was a huge success on May 18th! I hope you were there!  Held at Unity Church of the Hills, the concert was  our annual Benefit Concert and this year's beneficiary, Girls Empowerment Network, was a most respected and honored recipient of this year's fiunds! So proud to be aligned with such a remarkable and powerful organization working tirelessly and passionately with young girls in our schools from 3rd Grade through High School to teach them  necessary skills to make good choices for themselves in their lives and to  empower them to believe in themselves and trust their own inner compass as they grow and develop and become the uniquely gifted and talented and unstoppable human beings they were born to be!! No more Middle School burn out for these girls....they are going to SHINE in their lives and dare to be powerful!It was a joy and a privilege to align with this NonProfit for this year's big Concert! The house was packed and appeared to love the show! Thank-you all for coming!! The Drumsistas is a performance class I teach beginning in January every year ( this years session was an 18 week commitment and we had 31 women!) and is in preparation for an amazing Benefit Concert!

DRUMZ 2019 SUMMER DRUM CLASS SCHEDULE New Session Begins June 1st!

The classes at DRUMZ are organized in six week sessions and are $100 for the full session. We are located at 3700 1/2 Kerbey LAne behind Wendy Wels Jewelry and next door to the original Kerbey Lane Cafe!  Our classes are supportive, inclusive, non-competitive, and super FUN! Sherry has been teaching hand drumming in the Austin Community since 1998 and has studied in Africa as well as with African Teachers in the U.S., and numerous American teachers as well. Sherry believes drumming awakens the human spirit and allows us to soar, to re-connect to that which is important and meaningful and fulfilling in our relationship to ourselves and to one another, and to the natural world.  Drumming has been used for eons to heal bodies, minds, and spirits, connect to a higher power, relax and de-stress, build and strengthen community bonds, and to experience deep gratitude for the sheer gift of being ALIVE!   DRUMZ has been celebrating creativity, community, connection, and compassion through rhythm since 2003! Come visit our store of world percussion instruments and discover a whole new world of possibility!

The classes at DRUMZ are organized in six week sessions and are $100 for the full session. We are located at 3700 1/2 Kerbey LAne behind Wendy Wels Jewelry and next door to the original Kerbey Lane Cafe!  Our classes are supportive, inclusive, non-competitive, and super FUN! Sherry has been teaching hand drumming in the Austin Community since 1998. Please call ahead 


if possible to register by phone at 512-791-9516 or email us at:

Saturday Morning , 10-11AM Djembe/Djun Dun Beginner/Beyond Beginner- "Discovering the Magic of Hand Drumming!" Join us is you are brand new or if you have a number of Drumz Sessions behind you...this is a mixed level class! We will learn some fundamentals of rhythm as well as hand technique for djembe, some exercises to develop our hand technique, Traditional West African rhythms played ensemble style, West African songs that accompany the rhythms we learn, as well as an oppoertunity to do a closing rhythm in-the-moment style so we have a chance to explore our own creative rhythmic expression! These classes are always very warm and supportive, non-competitive, and FUN! Begins Saturday June 1st.

Saturday Morning, 11:30-12:30pm. Balafon Class with Master Balafon player from Guinea, West AFrica, Abou Sylla! We have balafons for sale if you do not a;ready have your own! This is an all level class, though some experience is helpful! It is a rare treat to have classes in Balafon with such  a highly respected balafon Master from the Ballet in Africa right here in our own city! Join us for this exciting and amazing hour with Abou and the beautiful West African balafon! The beautiful music of the balafon is mesmerizing and addictive! Begins Saturday , June 1st. COST: $100 for 6 weeks

Wednesday Night Djundun Class- 6:45pm-7:45pm. This is a Beyond Beginner Level class in the big African Bsss Drum, the Djundunba, the Sangban, and the Kenkeni. These drums are played with sticks. Please talk to the instructor, Sherry, before signing up for this class. (512-791-9516) Bring your own sticks and a djun! Super fun experience! These drums are powerful and meant to SPEAK!
Class begins Wednesday ,June 5th. COST: $100 for 6 weeks

Wednesday Night Djembe Class- All Level- From Beginner on up from 8pm-9pm Join us for this fun mixed level class and enjoy the company of a super nice group of folks! Always supportive and relaxed and a JOYFUL atmosphere in which to learn! We work on technique, solos, Traditional West African rhythm patterns, songs, and fun orchestrations of the pieces as well as an opportunity to discover the art of improv and create our own in-the-moment- rhythm pieces! Rhythm is a part of our BEING and the sharing of rhythm has been an important part of the human experience since the beginning of time! Come join us and awaken the musician/drummer you have always known was there! Begins Wednesday June 5th. COST: $100 for 6 weeks.

Thursday Morning Women's djembe and djun class from 10:30am-noon. This is an all-women's class focusing on both djembe and djun ( half and half) The class is an hour and a half and we will split the time between djembe and djundun!This class is $150 for the six week sessions as it is  1 1/2 hours . Some experience is helpful in this class but feel free to talk to the instructor at 512-791-9516 if you have any questions about joining this lively group of women! So fun!

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


 CLASSES BEGIN MARCH 6, 2019 on Wednesday evening. Please join us at DRUMZ for the SPRING I Session at DRUMZ with Drumz owner and longtime hand drumming teacher, SHERRY GINGRAS! At DRUMZ you can expect a warm and welcoming vibe with kind and supportive students! I believe that hand drumming is a powerful tool for building communication and compassion, creativity and connection and I believe we need to strengthen our communities in these times maybe more than ever before! Please join us and find a fun and positive,  supportive and caring community striving together to build a better and healthier world for everyone and everything! If you have a HAVE rhythm! RHYTHM IS TRULY THE SOUL OF LIFE!
All the best, Sherry

Wednesday Evenings beginning March 6th at 6:45pm-7:45pm- Beyond Beginner/Intermediate DJUNDUN CLASS This is for students who have already had djun instruction in the Beginning Djundun classes here at DRUMZ or elsewhere! Practice is necessary as well. 6 weeks for $100

Wednesday Evenings beginning March 6th from 8Pm-9pm BEGINNER AND BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE CLASS For those just starting on the drummer's path and those already on their way! We work on hand technique, exercises to develop it, and rhythms of varying skill levels depending on who is in the particular 6 week session! Its always a rockin' and fun group of folks and many cool and exciting rhythms! Djundun is also integrated into this class if you want to play both! 6 weeks for $100

Thursday morning Women's All Level Hand Drumming 10:30-11:30am and Women's All Level Djundun Class from 11:30-12:30pm. Starts March 7th and is a six week session for $100.

Saturday Mornings 10am-11am beginning March 9th- BEGINNING/Beyond Beginner HAND DRUMMING "Discovering the Magic of Hand Drumming"A great class to start on the drummer's path and also suitable to those already Drumming! We learn West African Traditional rhythms, exercises to develop good and strong hand technique, rhythm fundamentals, songs to accompany tyhe rhythms, and drum circle suitable impromptu in the moment rhythms and an opportunity to practice improvisation!Always a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning! Six weeks for$100

Saturday mornings from 11:15am-12:15pm starting on March 9th. BEYOND BEGINNER KRIN ( The African Log Drum)CLASS- must have your own krin and sticks! Super fun and exciting class! Six wweek session for $100

Monday, December 31, 2018


I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon! WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this new year bring our world  closer in alignment with the Golden Rule... to treat others with the same respect and benevolence and generosity with which we ourselves would want to be treated  and may we each continuously increase and expand our capacity to give and to receive more gentleness and kindness, more empathy and understanding, and more unconditional love! May peace our hearts and in our world., All the best, Sherry


NEW WINTER SESSION OF HAND DRUMMING CLASSES BEGINS JAN. 12th, 2019 Please join us for a six week session of classes in hand drumming and enjoy the benefits that come with learning this exciting new language, the language of the drum! These benefits include: energizing and healing  the body, mind , and spirit, releasing stress and tension, raising your spirits, opening your heart, awakening your creative juices, honing your listening and communication skills, discovering a new creative pathway for the expression of your most brilliant SELF, igniting your passion , and meeting a truly wonderful group of folks who, like you, are drawn to the drum and to rhythm! Validate that musician that lives inside you and begin to really shine. Music is our Universal language and making music together is our birthright- not for a select few, for all of us!  And if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm! Please call to reserve your space as classes do fill up! You may pay the first day of class. MC/VISA accepted.  Drums are provided for those in beginner level classes who have not yet purchased their own drum. However, if a person decides to continue with classes it becomes important that they have a drum to call their own for practice and playing! Learning to drum is all about repetition!  Call 512-453-9090 to sign up or for more information & visit our website at:  or email Sherry at:

2019 Drumz Class Schedule


SATURDAY MORNINGS~11:15am-12:15pm
KRIN CLASS ! This will be a six week class and you must have your own krin for this class. The African Log Drums are stick drums and they have an amazing and wonderfully  bright and powerful and unique wood sound!  Please talk to Sherry if  you are contemplating this class for the first time! It’s incredibly fun and exciting to play krin!  Sticking experience is very helpful! 

 TUESDAY NIGHT from 7pm-8:30pm .THE 2019  DRUMSISTA PERFORMANCE CLASS for Women…starts Jan. 15th from 7pm-8:30pm! This is a Beyond Beginner/ Intermediate level class and will be an 18 class session in preparation for our big Public Benefit Concert on Saturday night MAY 18th at Unity Church of the Hills.
The excitement and fun and camaraderie of the Drumsista experience definitely takes you to a new level in your drumming and in your living! Join us and soar!

BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER West African Ensemble style  CLASSESWednesday evenings from 8-9pm
 starts January 16th. )This class covers the FUN-damentals of hand drumming and is called “Discovering the Magic of Hand Drumming” . Drumming enhances the flowering of the human spirit! Join us! Cost:$100 for six week session .

WEDNESDAY NIGHT~ 6:45pm-7:45pm

BEYOND BEGINNER DJUNDUN CLASSES- Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm to 7:45pm. Begins January 17th!
These are classes designed for those students who have already acquired an understanding of the fundamentals of playing on bass drums with sticks and have a commitment to developing good technique and practice, and are ready to move beyond the beginner level classes offered  and on to more complex rhythms and patterns! ! Drumming is not about competition, it is about being where you are and being comfortable and content in that place! We play rhythms in this level that are more complex than the Beginner level classes and bring in djundun ( bass drum) with bell pattern combinations.

THURSDAY MORNING~ 10:30am-11:30am
All Women’s “REMEMBERING RHYTHM”  ALL LEVEL DRUMMING CLASS , Djembe and the West African Ensemble . Class meets from 10:30- 11:30am beginning Thursday , Jan. 17th.
THURSDAY MORNING~11:30am-12:30pm
Women’s Beginning  DJUNDUN  Class begins Thursday mornings following Djembe class from 11:45am-12:45pm. Please bring your own djuns if you have them! Several djunduns will be available to play if you do not yet have your own!  The djuns are powerful bass drums played with sticks and they add the POWER to the Ensemble which includes djembes, shakers, bells, often balafons and krins as well! 

BALAFON CLASS-Saturday mornings 11:15-12:15 starting TBA, 2019! Come and learn the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies of the beautiful and unique West African  Balafon ….The balafon, similar in appearance to a Europran Xylophone, dates back to the courts of the Mandinka Empire and is still a popular West African instrument today. This class will be taught by Master Balafon performer and teacher, ABOU SYLLA from Conakry, Guinea in West Africa. Classes will begin in February. Please email me if you are interested in this cvlass so that I may put you on the list! This will be an amazing class!

 The Mandinka  balafon, also called the bala or the balphone, is a kind of idiophone (an instrument which creates sound by vibrating. In the West, instruments like this are called xylophones. The balafon is associated with the Griot, an hereditary musicianship tradition of West Africa.

I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon! WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR! As 2018 has just drawn to a close may we each reflect with gratitude and reverence on the many gifts we have received and the many doorways that have opened for us throughout this last year….some with ease and some with anguish and many gracefully in between.  May we trust that they all bring us closer to the knowing that contentment with what IS , may be the greatest gift of all. May our oft times hard-earned growth in this past year move us closer to lives lived in balance, in peace, and in harmony within our selves and with each other and our world in the new year to come! And may our families, friendships,and our communities support us in gathering the courage and commitment we need to face and transmute the weight of the many global challenges we face into a collective presence of promise, creativity, and the illumination of powerful solutions. YES WE CAN!  Axe Axe….so be it….Peace, love, and gratitude, Sherry

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

 DECEMBER 3rd from 7-8:30pm

 This is a perfect introductory workshop for those folks considering handdrumming instruction for the first time! This is a great preliminary experience for anyone considering the six week sessions as well. In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of hand drumming including basic hand technique, exercises to help develop technique, some rhythm basics, two West African rhythms and songs, an opportunity to experience an improvisational musical experience, how to select a good drum, drum circle etiquette and much more! DRUMS PROVIDED! No previous musical experience is necessary! All are welcome. If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm. To share rhythm with each other and express ourselves rhythmically is an important and basic human need! Come unleash your spirit through rhythm and enjoy an evening making music in a warm, supportive circle with new friends and teacher, Sherry Gingras at her Drum store at 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane. Phone 453-9090 to reserve your space. You may pay the night of the workshop but please call or email to hold your place as space is limited! MC/VISA welcome. $30.  Visit our website at: for a complete schedule of classes! A special four week Holiday Session begins November 12th at   


3700 1/2 KERBEY LANE


TUESDAY EVENINGS BEGINNING November 13th from 6:45pm-7:45pm- DRUMSISTA CLASS is an all  women's multi-level drumming class working together on rhythms and songs that may be included in the SPRING DRUMSISTA 16 week PERFORMANCE CLASS which begins in late January and culminates in a big Public BENEFIT CONCERT in the Spring. You do not have to take the 16 weeks course as a result of taking this class, of course. It is totally a choice! Some drumming experience is necessary for this class.This is a six week session, Cost:$100.

TUESDAY EVENINGS Starting Nov. 13th from 8pm-9pm KRIN CLASS! MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE! Must have your own krin for this class. There are now several krins available for sale at DRUM.Z. Join us and learn to rock on the cool and organic African Log Drums! 6 Weeks, $100.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS-EXCLUSIVELY  DJUNDUN CLASS meets from 6:45pm-7:45pm. This is a FOUR WEEK SESSION and is a BEYOND BEGINNER?INTERMEDIATE LEVEL CLASS.COST:$70 per session Students must bring their own sticks and ideally, though not mandatory,  have a djun or djun set to practice on at home.


SATURDAY MORNING "DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING" meets from 10-11am! This is an ongoing Beginner/Beyond Beginner level class in West African djembe. We will meet every Saturday morning through December 22nd. This class is offered as a session or may be taken on a drop in basis.  We learn basic rhythm exercises to develop hand technique, the drum language created by Babatunde Olatunji, Traditional Multi-part West African rhythm compositions and their songs and solo phrases, as well as creating in-the-moment rhythms in our closing circles each class. This is a multi-level class including those brand new to drumming! If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm! Very warm and supportive classes and setting!  Feel free to drop in on a class and see if it's a match for YOU!