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Friday, July 21, 2017

  • Summertime....and the living is easy....
SUMMER ll is now in session at DRUMZ and is a shorter four week session ending the first week of August! There are some repairs happening, of fairly grand proportions,  at my location at 3700 Kerbey Lane in August and DRUMZ will NOT BE OPEN the last three weeks in August while the construction takes place! The Pilates Studio will be using my DRUMZ space for that month and I will be taking a much needed vacation! I will be resuming classes at DRUMZ on September 12th refreshed and renewed and excited to teach another year! I am hoping to do a number of exciting projects during my break ...including a new teaching DVD! The FALL 2017 SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED THIS WEEKEND! I am so grateful to each of you who have participated in the classes at DRUMZ....I have learned much from you...and enjoyed each of you SO much! I love what I do and you all have kept that love alive for 20 plus years of teaching West African style hand drumming ! I look forward to many more years and I send out my heart felt thanks for all that you have contributed to this drummer's story!
With love and gratitude, Sherry

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SUMMERTIME IS UPON US....a perfect time to begin your journey on the drummer's path and enjoy a group class at DRUMZ to enhance your playing skills and grow and develop as a confident and enthusiastic drummer/musician and LET YOUR SPIRIT SOAR! The NEW CLASS SESSION AT DRUMZ BEGINS MAY 27th! All classes are in six week sessions and cost is $100. There are always amazingly warm and friendly, supportive, enthusisastic and FUN students assembled in these group classes and many lasting friendships seem to develop in every group. It is simply the opportunity to be in a supportive and creative, non-competitive and expressive musical environment that I find fosters and strengthens community and friendship! Everyone can discover their common ground through group music making experiences. JOIN US in our celebration of rhythm and experience the joy, the energy, the spirit, and the power of connection and creative expression and community through drumming and rhythm! Private individual classes and private group classes also available.Call 512-453-9090 for more information or email Sherry at:


SATURDAY MORNINGS beginning May 27th, 2017

  Join us for this class, a Beginner and Beyond Beginner level, and learn the art and magic of drumming as a language for the spirit! These classes offer drumming for sheer fun, for creative self-expression, and for a new mode of communication with others in a group setting. We will learn proper hand technique to play West African djembes and djun duns in these classes and fun rhythmic exercises to develop good technique as well as learning Traditional West African rhythms and orchestration, breaks, and solo phrases.

SATURDAY MORNINGS- Beginning May 27th from 11:15AM -12:15pm. 
KRIN CLASS- The African Log Drum. Students must have their own Krins for this class. This is a class for Beyond Beginner/Intermediate level players and definitely takes FUN to a new level! 

TUESDAY EVENINGS beginning May 30th from 6:45-7:45pm
THE ART OF SOLOING for Beyond Beginner and Intermediate level players.
 This class is for students who have stiudied West African rhythms and are ready to move on to the next level and develop skills to solo, using both traditional West African solo phrasing and skills to improvise and create your own distinctive, expressive solos. We will learn exercises to develop skills which can strengthen and enhance your solos. Please call Sherry or email: if you have questions determining if this class is suitable for your skill level.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS beginning May 31st

DJUNDUN CLASSES from 6:45pm-7:45pm

Beyond Beginner/Intermediate level classes in the fun and powerful African Bass Drums. Students must provide their own sticks and ideally would have their own Djundun as well. A limited number of djuns are available for those students who do not yet have their own.

For those just starting on the drummer's path as well as those who have taken beginner level classes and are on their way in developing as drummers. We learn basic hand technique, rhythm fundamentals, exercises to develop technique, drum circle ettiquette, how to tune a drum, how to select a drum, Traditional West African rhythms and songs, and ome opportunities to play in-the-moment-improv pieces as well! We all have is our mother tongue! And music is our Universal language.


WOMEN'S ALL LEVEL DRUMMING CLASS This class is an opportunity for women to come together in rhythm and drumming and experience the joy of this fun, primal, liberating new language in a home setting in Briarcliff. Please email Sherry at for more information or to sign up for this class.

Monday, April 03, 2017

DRUMZ will be beginning it's 2017 Spring ll Hand Drumming Class Session this week! Saturday classes will begin APRIL 8th. There are six classes ( one per week for one hour each) in a class session at Drumz and the cost is $100 for a full six week session. Drop ins are available as well as private lessons, and private group lessons. Please call Sherry Gingras, DRUMZ owner and teacher,  at 512-791-9516 to discuss these classes with her personally. Please call to reserve your spot in these classes listed below as well. THANK-YOU for your interest in classes at DRUMZ! Drumming is an exciting new language to learn and speak and it is very accessible to all of us...truly, if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm! Drumming is relaxing, empowering, reduces stress, revs up the immune system, increases deeper listening skills, improves memory, bolsters energy, opens up pathways to the seeds of creativity and communication and compassion....just to name a few reasons this experience is so delightful and contagious! RHYTHM IS THE SOUL OF LIFE....sharing rhythm with one another is one sure way of enjoying the human experience together and finding our common ground!


SATURDAY MORNINGS we have DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING Beginners and Beyond Beginner together in a djembe/djundun class from 10am-11am. We learn the basics in this class and explore the rudiments of hand drumming, basic hand technique, West African ensemble-style music and songs and rhythms, as well as exploring in-the-moment- improvisational style playing so students will be comfortable in Drum Circle style playing as well as traditional style playing. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY AND DRUMS ARE PROVIDED IF YOU DO NOT YET HAVE YOUR OWN!Class begins April 8th.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS from 6:45pm-7:45pm we have BEYOND BEGINNER DJUNDUN CLASS . This class is for students who have taken a Beginner Djundun Session or two and are ready to move on to more complex djun/bell combination patterns and rhythms and/or who have some other stick drumming experience and feel they are ready to move at a faster pace than the Beginner Djun Dun Classes. Class begins April 12th.

 WEDNESDAY EVENINGS we have another DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING class from 8pm-9pm for Beginner level players and Beyond Beginner players. We will have an opportunity to play outside at DRUMZ in this evening class from time to time during the warm weather months! Our curriculum is the same level as the Saturday morning classes though the rhythms and songs we learn may differ. This class begins April 12th.

**THURSDAY MORNINGS we are beginning a new WOMEN'S REMEMBERING RHYTHM CLASS starting on May 25th, a New Moon day! I have had many requests for a daytime class during the week so we are starting this class up again from 11-noon on Thursdays on May 25th! This will be an all-level class and we will play djembe, djundun, shaker, krin, and bell in this class and create some of our own rhythms as well as learning and playing the traditional music of these instruments. This is an all-level class and beginners as well as more experienced players are invited to join this class. Begins May 25th.

MONDAY AFTERNOONS  at 5pm we have a WOMEN"S HAND DRUMMING in the LAKE TRAVIS AREA  in BRIARCLIFF, out HWY 71 West near Lake Travis! This is a fun and wonderful class at a home in Briarcliff and accomodates students from the neighborhood as well as Marble Falls and Burnet and Lakeway and Bee Cave and Horseshoe Bay who do not wish to drive all the way into Austin for a class! Please call Sherry at 512-791-9516 if you would like more information on this class and/or need directions. This class begins Monday, April 11th.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Winter I Session is now in progress through October 15th ( last Saturday class this session meets October 22nd)  NEW SESSION, WINTER II 2016,  BEGINS ON OCTOBER 25th! WINTER II will be the final Six Weeks Session for 2016! PLEASE JOIN US! MANY LEVELS AVAILABLE IN HAND DRUMMING CLASSES AT DRUMZ! All Class Sessions are 6 weeks and classes meet weekly. COST: $100 per session.  You may make up a missed class within the session by taking any other class offered in that six week session. Individual classes on a drop in basis are $18.50 per class. Please call DRUMZ at : 512-453-9090 for more imnformation or email Sherry at: We look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon! ALL ARE WELCOME AND NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY TO JOIN US AND COME DRUM FOR FUN! IF YOU HAVE A HEARTBEAT, YOU HAVE RHYTHM! Drums are provided for beginner level classes.


TUESDAY EVENINGS- 6:45pm-7:45pm-DRUMSISTAS CLASS- All Women's Beyond Beginner/Intermediate level class in Djembe and DjunDun. This class is for women interested in joining the Women's Performance group , The Drumsistas, for their annual Public fundraiser concert in April, though it is not mandatory to be in the concert to take the preliminary six week class sessions. The February session is a 12 plus week session and is the one that culminates in the big public concert each year. Class begins. Oct. 25th.

TUESDAY EVENINGS- 8-9pm- KRIN CLASS- fun class in African log drum ( played with sticks)
Students must have their own krins to participate in this lively and exciting class in the African Log Drum. Log drums are available for sale at Drumz. Class begins October 25th.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS-6:45pm-7:45pm- BEYOND BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE DJUNDUN CLASS- popular class with the big African bass drums creating the bass line in Traditional African rhythms. Students must furnish their own sticks for this class and it is recommended to have your own djundun set to play though we have a limited number of djuns available for student use. Class begins October 26th.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS-8-9pm- BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE AND DJUNDUN CLASS-"DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF WEST AFRICAN MUSIC AND RHYTHM"- One of Drumz' most popular hand drumming classes, this class learns a variety of Traditional West African rhythms and songs, solo phrases to accompany the rhythms, and exercises to practice to improve and advance your skill level and comfort with playing djembe! Learning proper hand technique improves your pronunciation of this "drum language" and allows for more eloquent expression and communication through your drum! Very supportive and friendly circle of players and lots of fun for beginners and those already on the drummer's path! Join us beginning October 26th!

THURSDAY EVENINGS- 6:45pm-7:45pm-INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED West African DJEMBE and DJUNDUN CLASS- For those players who have been playing and//or performing West African music and wish to continue learning and developing their skills and expanding their rhythmic repetoire! Class begins October 27th.

SATURDAY MORNINGS- 10-11AM- One of Drumz' most popular hand drumming classes, "DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND BEGINNERS"Learn proper hand technique and fun exercise patterns to develop technique as well as traditional West African rhythms and some accompanying solo phrases and songs! Fun class for multi-level players. We also have the opportunity to play the African Bass Drums played with sticks in this class, the Djunduns! Very warm and supportive circle of players and an opportunity to meet new friends to play with! We close our class with an impromtu in-the-moment rhythm "drum circle"  style with an opportunity to play and enjoy self-expression from the heart while discovering the magic of other percussion instruments in the store! Class begins October 29th.

SATURDAY MORNINGs- 11:15am-12:15pm- SOLO AND THE ART OF IMPROVISATON- INTERMEDIATE LEVEL- Thus class is an intermediate level class for those folks who have been playing and studying djembe for some time and wish to further their skills in learning and playing traditional West African solos as well as improvisational/self expression through  soloing and creating one's own style. An opportunity to discover and develop your own voice and what you have to say through your drum! Class begins October 29th.

Friday, April 29, 2016

  DRUMZ Hand drumming Class Schedule for SUMMER I CLASSES
Connect! Create! Communicate! Express! 
 All classes are at DRUMZ, 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane! Remember, we all have rhythm and we all share a basic human need to express and share rhythm in our lives! Learn the basics of rhythm and hand drumming, learn traditional West African rhythms and songs, AND create in the moment music pieces together in a safe and supportive circle at the ending of each class! Music feeds the soul and frees the spirit! Don't miss the chance to find and explore the musician who lives inside of YOU! All classes are taught in six week sessions and cost: $100 Drums provided for beginner level class. ALL LEVELS of classes offered! PRIVATE LESSONS AVAILABLE! 
Saturday Mornings- Beginning May 21st, 2016
Beginner/ Beyond Beginner Hand drumming, Come enjoy the Magic! Join us for this class and learn the art and magic of drumming as a language for the spirit!  Drumming for fun and for creative self-expression we will work with exercises to develop technique,  10-11am on Saturday mornings for six weeks starting May 21st. $100 for a session (6 wks)
Solo Class for Beyond Beginner/Intermediate Djembe . 11:15am-12:15pmThis class is for students who have been studying the music of West Africa at Drumz or with another teacher. We will study the art and magic of solo. Learn the fundamentals of playing solos and expressing your self musically through the drum as well as learning some beautiful and fun TRADITIONAL WEST AFRICAN SOLOS.  Feel free to call Sherry at 512-791-9516 if you have any question about this class being a good match for your skill level! Meets 11:15am-12:15pm.  Starts May 21st. 6 weeks for $100.

Wednesday Evenings- Beginning May 25, 2016
Beyond Beginner Djundun classes- For those students who want to play the big African bass drums ( sticks will be available for purchase or bring your own. A limited number of Djunduns will be provided so please if you have them ,bring yours!) 6:45pm-7:45pm  Begins May 25th $100 for 6 weeks.
Beginner/Beyond Beginner Djembe- “Exploring the Magic of Hand drumming” for those students just starting off on the drummer’s path and those who are past beginner and  on their way as drummers!  If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! Beginners learn basic hand technique and fun exercises to develop the techniques, some rhythm fundamentals, drum circle etiquette, tuning a drum, selecting a drum, and African rhythm and song, and some improv secrets to playing percussion well with others in a group setting. Everyone has is our mother tongue!  And music is our Universal language! Come learn a fun, primal, creative, liberating  new language~the language of the drum. Meets 8pm-9pm starting May 25th.One session of 6 Classes for $100,

Thursday  Evenings- Beginning May 26th
Thursday Evening Krin Klass! 6:45-7;45PM. The log drums ROCK! We will learn a number of fun and exciting rhythms and solo sections in this class and some exercises to advance our technique and speed. This is a popular class because log drums are amazingly fun to play! Join us! $100 for 6 weeks.( Folks must have a log drum for class!)
Beyond Beginner/Intermediate- Djembe and Djundun  class. 8PM-9pm . This class is for those students who have been playing West African drums for some time and are ready to work with more complex patterns and at a faster pace!  This will be moving it to the next level! Super fun and very supportive group of students and lots of exciting and beautiful  rhythms and intros to learn and play! Begins May 26th. $100 for 6 Weeks.

Friday, January 01, 2016


Warmest wishes for a New Year overflowing with dreams fulfilled and new dreams visioned of a world at peace...peace within, peace with one another, peace with the natural world and peace with all beings. A world guided by compassion and deep wisdom....wisdom quietly understood through listening and learning with all of our senses to the natural rhythms of the world around us and trusting the innate intelligence of nature to teach us how to live more harmoniously and sustainably within the sacred circle of life.  May we find and honor our place in the continuum of life...believing wholeheartedly in the possibility that this billion year dance called life on Earth can continue and thrive and provide a beautiful space for all of our children to call HOME. Let us together bring forth the necessary creative force to birth the changes and solutions to the multiple and potent challenges we face on Earth and let us enliven the Universal bonds that make us one family/one organism with heartfelt trust and hope and commitment...with art and music, and dance, and song, and an unfailing faith in love and possibility.
Still believing that even here....even now...a miracle can happen....
Much gratitude,

Drums are provided if needed in the Beginner Level Classes. All classes are in six week sessions for$100 per session at DRUMZ, 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane in the Purple Cottage behind the Purple House of "Pilates on Kerbey". Private lessons are available by appointment. Gift Certificates for Classes are available! Semi-private classes for two or small group classes for you and your friends are also available, as are Drum Facilitations at your office , workplace,church, school, party, or other special organizational events!
If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm! Reclaiming your own natural rhythm is a very healing and transformative experience! Life is a dance and it is pulsing with rhythm in every moment....and we are all just lookin' for the groove! Come join our circle, be a part of our song and expand your personal experience of community, compassion, listening, celebration, and creativity! Relax as you energize every cell in your body! Learn a new language with which to speak! REGISTER BY PHONE AT: 512-453-9090 pr email Sherry at : MC/VISA accepted. You may call and reserve a space and pay at the first class meeting if that works best for you! THANK-YOU for your interest! I hope to share a rhythm with you soon!
Peace & Gratitude, Sherry

SATURDAY MORNING- 10-11am- Beginner/Beyond Beginner Level Hand Drumming African-Style Class! DISCOVERING THE MAGIC of HAND DRUMMING ( please see Wed. Evening from 8-9pm below  for a more complete description of the class material) Begins Jan. 9th. Cost: $100 per six week session or $17.50 per class drop-in.

SATURDAY MORNING from 11:15am-12:15pm. Beginner Level Balafon Class. The balafon is a beautiful melodic wooden xylophone-style instrument from Guinea in West Africa. Played with special mallets , the melodies produced by this instrument are mesmerizing and incomparably beautiful! The music and vibrations of the balafon go straight into the heart. Balafons are availabe for sale at DRUMZ and we have two student balafons available for use in class. It is difficult to learn the material in these classes without your own balafon at home to practice on but you are welcome to try the class out with the in-clas use of one of our balafons to see whether or not your commitment is strong enough to choose to have one of your own! Several melodic phrases are layered together to create the complet composition with a sloist playing over the whole. Begins January 9th.

  MONDAY AFTERNOON- 3-4pm...A Women's Beginning HAND DRUM CLASS meets at Sherry's home in the Texas Hill Country near Lake Travis and Spicewood, Texas. Great fun in a lovely setting on a beautiful pond and surrounded by nature and beautiful flowers, and trees, and grasses and birds and bees and lizards and frogs and koi fish...a great getaway from the busy streets of Austin!$100 per 6 weeks session. This is a Beginner and All-Level Class. Begins Jan. 11th. Please call Sherry at 512-453-9090 for directions.

TUESDAY evening- KRIN CLASS- the African Log Drum! 6:30pm-7:30pm This is a hugely fun and dynamic instrument to play! Join us if you can. Krins are available at DRUMZ and can be purchased for this class. It is required that evreyone have their own log drum to participate in this class. We often have djun accompaniment with these rhythms and songs! So fun!!

TUESDAY evening - DRUMSISTA PERFORMANCE CLASS begins January 19th from 7:45pm-9:15pm. This is a twelve week session of 1 1/2 hour classes and culminates in a huge and amazing and very magical Public Performance at a Benefit Concert! This is an All- Level Class with some drum experience and your own personal drum necessary for participation. $225 per 12 week session. There will be extra rehearsals towards the end of this session and the concert will be held the evening of April 9th, a Saturday night, at Unity Church of the Hills on Anderson Mill Road. MORE INFORMATION FORTHCOMING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE THE MOST UPDATED INFORMATION AS IT IS DISTRIBUTED! or cal DRUMZ at 512-453-9090. This is truly an amazing experience. Visit the DRUMSISTAS FACEBOOK PAGE!

WEDNESDAY Evenings 6:45pm-7:45pm- DJUNDUN DIVAS....this is a great class for those folks wanting to focus on the big powerful African base drums played with sticks that guide and accompany the Djembes in the West African-style ensemble. This is a great class and men and women are both welcome! Some bass drum experience recommended. $100 per six weeks session or $17.50 per drop-in class. Begins Jan. 13th, 2016.

WEDNESDAY evenings 8-9pm, DISCOVERING THE MAGIC- The FUN-damentals of Hand drumming for Beginners, those just starting out on the drummer's path, and Beyond Beginner level students, too!! This is always a fun and enthusiastic class of eager, passionate, ready to groove students! If you have been called to the drum, whether you understand that calling or not at this point, this class is for you! A very supportive and open group of drummers on the path awaits you! This class covers the very basics- the Babatunde Drum Language, hand technique, exercises to develop that technique, warm up exercises, practice tips and incentives, drum circle etiquette,
the selection, care, and tuning of hand drums, learning a West African-style rhythm with multiple parts, as well as creating in-the=moment music each class time as a closing rhythm with a global intention! A great way to meet other friends to drum with! Come join us starting Jan.13th at DRUMZ. Six week session, $100class or $17.50 drop-in .

THURSDAY EVENINGS 6:45-7:45pmThis is the intermediate level SERIOUS DRUMMIN' DRUMMERS and requires experience in group drumming, intermediate level skills in hand technique and West African-style drum ensemble playing, djun/bell combination playing, a basic understanding of rhythm structure, and a desire to move to the next level with your playing! Moving to the edge, as it were! Must have your own drum and a commitment to practice. Six week session begins Thursday , Jan. 14th at 7:45 pm at DRUMZ

BIO of Teacher, Sherry Gingras

A Native Austinite, Sherry has enjoyed a number of business experiences in her home town including owning EARTHSEA, a Gem and Mineral/ Collector Shell Gallery/Shop on Kerbey Lane for nine years in the mid 70's-mid 80's. Sherry also Owned The Ausitin Collection, a Folkart and Handmade Southwestern Furniture Store on Kerby Lane in the early 90's Sherry was the Designer and CEO of S.H.E. Apparel, A Sophisticated Women's high end Western /Southwestern Suede and Leather Clothing Line for nine years in the 90's, and owner of Cowgirl's Are Forever, a retail Women's Clothing Boutique in the Lakeway/Bee Cave area in the late 90's-2004. Sherry began teaching NIA and Hand Drumming Classes in the late 90's and she created and opened her store, DRUMZ, in December of 2003 on Kerbey Lane. Sherry is also the founder and director of The Djembabes, a popular All Women's Drumsong Performance Ensemble, and a large All Women's  student performance group, The Drumsistas.  Sherry has been studying hand drumming for the past 19 plus years, studied in Africa with Mamady Keita in 2007 and 2010 and has been teaching in Austin for 17 years! Sherry is also a Drum Circle facilitator and has led  monthly Community Drum Circle off and on for many years in Austin. Currrently Sherry holds a MeetUp Drumz Community Drum Circle at her store on Kerbey Lane every second Saturday of the month at 7pm. Sherry taught the children at the Texas StateSchool for the Blind and Visually Impaired for five years, as well as other special needs classes and groups, including adults in recovery programs through the Journey Program of MHMR. Sherry graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA degree with a  major in Psychology and a minor in Social Welfare Studies. Sherry believes that music and the magic of the drum is a powerful healing force that is our birthright and our key to unity, harmony, balance, and peaceful co-existence on our planet,reminding us that we are all valuable and beautiful parts of the whole intricate and delicate web of life. In addition to her extensive teaching schedule at the Studio at Drumz, Sherry is available for workshops, Corporate and Private Drum Circle Facilitation/Team Building events, private parties, school performances, and private lessons by appointment. You may contact her at : DRUMZ, 512-453-9090, or email her at

Monday, November 30, 2015

Drumz December Class Schedule 2015

We are in the last days of 2015 now and classes at DRUMZ will soon be  winding down until the new session in January 2016! Where did the year go?  So many amazing students, old and new, and so many fun & exciting classes happened in this year... it's hard to keep up with them! I appreciate each of you and thank-you so much for your support of  Drumz as a small, local Austin business and me as a teacher...I have learned much from YOU! I look forward to the remaining December classes and I know the new year will bring much joy and growth and learning for us all, through our music and through all of our experiences in life! May we find the means to access the peace and joy within and the passion and commitment to spread that peace far and wide in the year to come and may peace prevail not just on Earth, but WITH Earth, in the year to come. 

With much gratitude, Sherry

REMAINING CLASSES FOR DECEMBER 2015! If you wish to drop in on these remaining classes, please do! The new six week session of Hand Drumming Classes at Drumz will begin in January on Saturday, January 9th. Please stay tuned for the all New January 2016 Class Schedule coming soon! If you wish to be on our mailing list to receive updates on classes and workshops at DRUMZ, please email Sherry at and request that your name be added to our current class mailing list! Thank-you for your interest!

TUESDAY EVENINGS- DRUMSISTA CLASS from 6:45pm-7:45pm - December 8th and December 15th...$17.50 per class on a drop in basis. A women's drum class in West African Ensemble....dunduns and djembe. December 8th and 15th remaining....$17.50 drop in.

TUESDAY EVENING- KRIN CLASS- A class on the Krin, an African log drum played with stickes from 8pm-9pm. Beyond Beginner/Intermediate level class. Must have a krin to join this class. (Krins are available at DRUMZ in our retail shop).December 8th and December 15th. Cost: $17.50 per class.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS- DUNDUN CLASS from 6:45-7:45pm. A fun and powerful instrument, the dundun is the African Bass Drum played with sticks and creating the bass support line for the West African music. An exciting and empowering instrument to learn to play! This class is a Beyond Beginner level class. December 9th and December 16th. $17.50 per class.

WEDNESDAY EVENING - BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER HAND DRUMMING- from 8pm-9pm. This class is for those just starting out on the Drummer's Path and those who have been on the path and are novices learning to play this beautiful and interactive community-style music from West Africa! Drums are provided for this class for those students who do not yet have drums of their own. Two classes remain in this sessio...Dec.9 and December 16th on a drop in basis....$17.50 per class. 

THURSDAY EVENING-INYTERMEDIATE/ADV DJEMBE/DUNDUN CLASS  from 6:45-7:45pm. Please touch base with the teacher at 512-453-9090 if you are interested in joining this class of students who have been on the drummer's path for a number of  years and are continuing to build on their skills and repertoire with continuing classes.

SATURDAY MORNINGS- BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER HAND DRUMMING- ( *see listing above for Wednesday evening class at 8pm for description) 10am-11am. December 5th, 12th, and 19th remaining.

SATURDAY MORNING- BEGINNER BALAFON CLASS- 11:15am-12:15pm. Please join us for a fun class on these beautiful, melodic wooden xylophone instruments. This class is for students who have their own balafons and are familiar with West African rhythms and wish to learn about these amazing instruments that often accompany the drums and songs. Dec. 5th, 12th, and 19th remaining.