Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Thursday, November 05, 2015

DRUMZ...building community, compassion, and creativity through RHYTHM!

 Hand Drumming 101"Discovering the Magic of Hand drumming"
Every Saturday at 10 am beginning November 21st & Wednesday @ 8pm beginning Nov.4th!

This is the ideal path for new students just starting out on the drummer's path as well as those who have already found their way to drumming and are just becoming more experienced and moving deeper into the art and practice of drumming. No previous drumming experience is required and all classes emphasize the balance between the value in creative individual self-expression and the value of unity and the oneness of the collective whole! Through music we break down the barriers that separate us and discover our common ground as a unified group creating a groove together while still honoring and developing our individual strengths and talents and the gifts that we bring to the circle through our own unique contributions to the music! Join us and let the musician within emerge!

Beyond Beginner Djundun Class
Every Wednesday @ 6:45pm

This class plays the big and powerful African bass drums, the three djunduns played with sticks that create the beautiful and powerful underlying bass line of the West African rhythms! We have djuns to share if you do not yet have your own and sticks are available for sale at Drumz as well, or bring your own! If you have always visioned yourself playing drumset or just find yourself sticking away on every desk, dashboard, and drum-like surface you encounter, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU! Truly a fun and lively endeavor, playing djuns is something everyone can do with practice and it is deeply gratifying and highly expansive experience that brings you ALIVE in ways you never imagined! Join us. Please visit with Sherry at 512-791-9516 if you are interested in joining this class as it is not a beginner level but is just BEYOND beginner so may be perfect for you.

DrumSista Class
Every Tuesday @ 6:45pm

Drumsistas is an all-women's all level Drum Class that meets every Tuesday evening and plays both djembe and the djunduns. We learn many ensemble pieces from West Africa and we are building up a wonderful reservoir of music and rhythms and solo phrases to choose from for our big Spring Fundraiser concert in April. This class is not a commitment to participate in the Spring Concert but most of the women attending do plan to join in playing at the big concert In April with the Hildegirls, Susan Lincoln's big vocal ensembe because it is TOO FUN to pass up!All women are welcome to join this group though you must have your own drum and some hand drumming experience is helpful!

Krin Class 
Every Tuesday @ 8pm 
Join us for LOG DRUM class on Tuesdays and enjoy another stick drum experience from West Africa! Log drums have beautiful, natural, warm tones that are at once soothing and exciting! The rhythms are powerful and often electric! Ear plugs are recommended for this fun class with the unique log drum!Class begins Nov. 3rd.

Beginning Balafon
Every Saturday@11:15am

Balafons create the warm and mesmerizing melodies that accompany West African rhythms and songs. Made of dense hardwood with natural gourds as the resonators, these beautifully melodic instruments soothe the mind and soul in a way that is difficult to describe! There is nothing quite like playing music with others on balafon for attaining another state of being and an altered consciousness! One of my very favorite instruments, this xylophone like instrument is a wonder to play and a joy to behold!