Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Thursday, August 04, 2011

NEW FALL HAND DRUMMING CLASS SESSIONS BEGIN AUGUST 24th! These hot temps certainly don't give us an indication that FALL is in the air, but we will trust that it is happening and that the natural rhythms of the Universe and planet Earth remain in place! I am looking forward to drumming with you soon and for those of you in the market for your very own djembe, I have some very beautiful drums in stock right now....from Guinea, Mali and the Ivory Coast so do stop by DRUMZ on Kerbey Lane and check out the inventory and see if YOUR DRUM is there waiting for you to appear!
**PLEASE NOTE that the Fall l Session will be a four week class session for $60 rather than the usual six week session as the teacher, Sherry Gingras, will be out of town the last two weeks in September at a Joanna Macy workshop! The Fall ll Session will begin October 12th and will be an 8 week session!

Beginner " Discovering the Magic of Hand Drumming" Classes meet on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm and also on Saturday mornings from 10-11am!
These classes are for those of you just starting out on the drummer's path as well as those of you newly on the path! Enjoying the "beginner's mind" is a wonderful space to BE and to embrace and I encourage folks to remain in the beginner level classes as long as you feel you are learning and developing as a drummer. This is not about striving and pushing ahead because relaxation and ease is of utmost importance in being a good drummer and it is not about overcoming the anxiety of pushing ahead....that is a Western concept. To honor the integrity of the origins and the traditions of these amazing West African Drums and these powerful, magical rhythms, you are encouraged to take your time, enjoy being where you ARE on the drummer's path with gratitude, and move ahead" only when ready." You are free to make up for a missed class on Saturdays if you sign up for the Wednesday night Beginner class and conversely you may make up missed Saturday morning classes on Wednesday evenings if you are in the Saturday class! We may be playing different rhythms and learning an array of different rhythmic exercises to build and develop good hand technique but the material will all be beginner level so it works! Class begins Wednesday evening, Aug. 24th at 8pm and Saturday morning, Aug. 27th at 10am! Please call 453-9090 to register and save your space or email Sherry at :, MC/VISA accepted by phone. DRUMS ARE PROVIDED FOR THE BEGINNER LEVEL CLASSES FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT ALREADY PURCHASED THEIR OWN! 4 week session is $60.

BEGINNER DJUNDUN CLASS ( NEW CLASS!) will meet Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm-7:45pm.
The bass drums are powerful drums that accompany and guide the djembes in West African ensemble style playing! The djembes would not be able to maintain the integrity of their rhythm patterns without the support of the djununs! If you have always been drawn to these awesome bass drums played with sticks, now is your opportunity to learn the technique, learn to play one rhythm with the the stick on the drum and another rhythm on an accompanying bell pattern, and experience the joy and liberation of INDEPENDENCE! There is nothing quite as empowering as really playing a West African djundun for a group of djembe players and dancers! Come join us for this fun and lively class and enjoy taking your drumming up a notch or two! DJUNS ARE PROVIDED FOR THIS CLASS BUT STUDENTS MUST BRING OR PURCHASE THEIR OWN DJUN STICKS FOR THIS CLASS. You may purchase sticks at the first class. Class begins Wed. evening, Aug. 24th at 6:45pm. Please call or email to register in advance as space is limited for this class.Begins Augustn 24th. Four week session is $60.

meets on Saturday morning from 11:15am-12:15pm. This class is for students who have completed enough beginner sessions to feel "ready to move to the next level". Please feel free to talk to Sherry if you have questions about which class would be best for you! The Beyond Beginner class moves at a much faster pace and covers rhythms that are more complex and involve lengthier breaks, introductions, solo phrases etc. It is important to have a good grasp of the hand technique to take the Beyond Beginner level classes and it is required that everyone has their own drum as practice will be necessary to keep up with your fellow classmates!Begins Aug.27th and is a 4 week session for $60.

for the serious drummers meet on Thursday evenings!

DJUNUN CLASSES MEET from 6:45pm-7:45pm on Thursday evenings.
These classes are for those students who have been studying West African rhythms for some time and have a good grasp of djunun sticking technique, can play bell/drum combos with a fair amount of ease, and have the concentration, focus, and practice time available to work on longer and more complicated rhythm patterns. It is highly recommended that you have your own djun to practice on to be in this class and your own sticks are required. We have a great deal of FUN in this class but it also involves practice and some dedication to learn and gain proficiency in playing djunduns/bells and more advanced African rhythm patterns.Class begins Aug. 25th at 6:45pm. Four week session is $60.

INTERMEDIATE DJEMBE CLASS meets on Thursday nights from 8pm-9pm. This class is for those players who have been studying and playing djembes and West African rhythms for some time and who are ready to study and learn more complicated rhythms, introductions, breaks, and solo phrases at a faster pace! This class is not for the faint of heart, though we have a great deal of fun in here! Obviously having your own djembe is a must AND the dedication to practice each week! Class begins August 25th at 8pm. Four weeks for $60.