Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I hope you are enjoying some leisurely time this summer! We have had a great summer at DRUMZ with classes and the last series of Summer Workshops was especially fun! The Djundun Dance Workshop and the Krin Workshops were quite a hit and we will definitely have more of those in the months ahead! Those of you who came to the workshops thanks for being there! It was a blast to drum and dance with you! And to all of you who took classes at DRUMZ this last year , my deepest thanks and appreciation for your continued support of the classes at DRUMZ! This upcoming session I am creating more studio space at the shop and this will enable us to have a nice spacious arfea for the classes. The djundun classes have become very popular and it will be great to spread out a bit more and enjoy these incredibly fun and powerful instruments and their music even more! And the djundun dance workshops will be even more fun in a more open space!
Looking forward to drumming with you all soon! I will be back from our trip to the West Coast and our time in Oregon the 3rd week in August all rested and re-charged and ready for a great Fall 2014 Session of classes at DRUMZ! See you in September!
With peace, love, and gratitude, Sherry

All classes are in 6 week sessions and cost is:$100 for the 6 classes. (Or $17.50 drop-in.)

Drumsista Class...begins September 2,  6:45pm-7:45pm This class is for women who are interested in possibly doing the DRUMSISTA PERFORMANCE CLASS in February in preparation for the big annual DRUMSISTA/HILDEGIRL CONCERT in April, 2015. We are working on rhythms and orchestrations that are contenders for the Performance Class in January!

*Krin Class- Beyond Beginner begins Sept. 2, 8pm-9pm This class will focus on the African log drum, the krin, and it is necessary to have your own log drum for this class. If you have taken any of the krin classes at my retreats or workshops you have enough experience for this class. If you have not but you wish to learn krin, please call and speak with me at DRUMZ 512-453-9090 or email me at: *This is a NEW class!

Beyond Beginner Djundun Class...begins Sept. 3rd from 6:45pm-7:45pm This class has become quite popular and has been a blast! Please register early by email or call DRUMZ @512-453-9090 and leave a message so I get you on the roster and save a space for you!

Beginner Hand Drumming...begins Sept. 3rd from 8pm-9pm This class is for those students just embarking on the drumming experience, as well as those students who have taken beginner classes but enjoy the relaxed pace and ease of this level! All are welcome! We learn the FUN-damentals in this class and it is a very great class to take if you just want to learn the language and rhythms of these African drums and be able to feel at ease and comfortable in a Drum Circle or playing informally in groups with other people and even other instruments, find a new way to express yourself creatively, de-stress and energize your mind, body and spirit, meet and play music with amazing and fun people from all walks of life, enjoy the comfort of a very supportive and caring circle of people in a very supportive and lovely space at DRUMZ!!No previous musical experience is required. IF you have a heartbeat, YOU have rhythm! *There is another Beginner class that meets on Saturday mornings from 10am-11am /DRUMS ARE PROVIDED FOR BEGINNER LEVEL


Beginner Hand Drumming...begins Saturday, September 6th - please see description just above for the Wednesday night classes. We may learn different rhythms and songs in the Saturday morning classes but the level is the same in both and the format very much the same.  Drums are provided for the beginner level classes!

Beyond Beginner/Intermediate Hand Drumming...begins Sept. 6th, 11:15am-12:15pm
This class is a class for those players who have taken a number of classes at DRUMZ and feel ready to move into more complex rhythms learned at a faster pace ( and often played at a faster pace!) We will work on djembe and djembe solo phrases as well as learning the djundun parts to the rhythms we play. This class requires that you have your own drum and that you are commited to creating some time in your life to practice so that the class will be able to move ahead together! It is the "next level" and as drumming is learned through repetition, it will be necessary to practice in order that we progress each week. One can move ahead relatively quickly in drumming with practice! Try it...YOU'LL LIKE IT!


*Krin Class (see Tuesdays above)

*BEGINNER KIDZ DRUMMING at DRUMZ- 5-9 year olds- Wednesdays from 4:15Pm-5:15pm
We will learn about lots of World Percussion instruments and drums and we will learn some traditional West African songs and rhythms as well as spontaneous in-the-moment music that we create together! NO PREVIOUS MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Emphasis will be on FUN and learning to enjoy music and drumming as an awesome avenue for creative self-expression and communicating with one another in new ways. We will also learn the importance of LISTENING and and honoring and respecting every person's contributions and unique gifts. Please email: or leave a message at DRUMZ at 512-453-9090 if you have further questions about this class or wish to enroll your child so we save a space!