Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Friday, April 29, 2016

  DRUMZ Hand drumming Class Schedule for SUMMER I CLASSES
Connect! Create! Communicate! Express! 
 All classes are at DRUMZ, 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane! Remember, we all have rhythm and we all share a basic human need to express and share rhythm in our lives! Learn the basics of rhythm and hand drumming, learn traditional West African rhythms and songs, AND create in the moment music pieces together in a safe and supportive circle at the ending of each class! Music feeds the soul and frees the spirit! Don't miss the chance to find and explore the musician who lives inside of YOU! All classes are taught in six week sessions and cost: $100 Drums provided for beginner level class. ALL LEVELS of classes offered! PRIVATE LESSONS AVAILABLE! 
Saturday Mornings- Beginning May 21st, 2016
Beginner/ Beyond Beginner Hand drumming, Come enjoy the Magic! Join us for this class and learn the art and magic of drumming as a language for the spirit!  Drumming for fun and for creative self-expression we will work with exercises to develop technique,  10-11am on Saturday mornings for six weeks starting May 21st. $100 for a session (6 wks)
Solo Class for Beyond Beginner/Intermediate Djembe . 11:15am-12:15pmThis class is for students who have been studying the music of West Africa at Drumz or with another teacher. We will study the art and magic of solo. Learn the fundamentals of playing solos and expressing your self musically through the drum as well as learning some beautiful and fun TRADITIONAL WEST AFRICAN SOLOS.  Feel free to call Sherry at 512-791-9516 if you have any question about this class being a good match for your skill level! Meets 11:15am-12:15pm.  Starts May 21st. 6 weeks for $100.

Wednesday Evenings- Beginning May 25, 2016
Beyond Beginner Djundun classes- For those students who want to play the big African bass drums ( sticks will be available for purchase or bring your own. A limited number of Djunduns will be provided so please if you have them ,bring yours!) 6:45pm-7:45pm  Begins May 25th $100 for 6 weeks.
Beginner/Beyond Beginner Djembe- “Exploring the Magic of Hand drumming” for those students just starting off on the drummer’s path and those who are past beginner and  on their way as drummers!  If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! Beginners learn basic hand technique and fun exercises to develop the techniques, some rhythm fundamentals, drum circle etiquette, tuning a drum, selecting a drum, and African rhythm and song, and some improv secrets to playing percussion well with others in a group setting. Everyone has is our mother tongue!  And music is our Universal language! Come learn a fun, primal, creative, liberating  new language~the language of the drum. Meets 8pm-9pm starting May 25th.One session of 6 Classes for $100,

Thursday  Evenings- Beginning May 26th
Thursday Evening Krin Klass! 6:45-7;45PM. The log drums ROCK! We will learn a number of fun and exciting rhythms and solo sections in this class and some exercises to advance our technique and speed. This is a popular class because log drums are amazingly fun to play! Join us! $100 for 6 weeks.( Folks must have a log drum for class!)
Beyond Beginner/Intermediate- Djembe and Djundun  class. 8PM-9pm . This class is for those students who have been playing West African drums for some time and are ready to work with more complex patterns and at a faster pace!  This will be moving it to the next level! Super fun and very supportive group of students and lots of exciting and beautiful  rhythms and intros to learn and play! Begins May 26th. $100 for 6 Weeks.