Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

  The New Summer II Session begins July 13th!

                                           Please join us for the last session of Hand Drumming classes for the summer starting JULY 13th! This will be a shorter 4 week session and the cost is $70 .  Please join us!Come join us and learn the language of the drum and new ways to express yourself creatively and to communicate with others from your heart through your hands on the drum! Drumming has been a means of exploring and expanding our inner spirits for eons, as well as a powerful method for building and strengthening community bonds, relieving tension and reducing stress, connecting to a higher power, honoring changes, life passages, and Earth passages, as well as a way to heal our bodies , minds, and souls! And it has always been a celebratory means of expressing the pure joy of BEING ALIVE! I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon! In peace, love, and gratitude, Sherry

Saturday mornings BEGINNER AND BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE & DJUNDUN...class begins July 13th from 10-11am. We cover basic rudiments of hand drumming, exercises to develop technique, information about the history and tradition of Djembe and dun in Africa, some traditional rhythms and solo phrases, songs, and an opportunity to experience in-the-moment percussion creations in a closing rhythm each night. DRUMS ARE PROVIDED if you do not yet have your own!

Saturday morning KRIN CLASS , the African Log Drum, for those who have a Krin and are ready to move to the next level! We do have KRINS available for sale at DRUMZ right now if you do not yet have your own and would like to join this class.
11:15am-12:15pm. Starting July 13th.

Wednesday evenings BEYOND BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE DJUNDUN CLASS 6:45pm-7:45pm. This class is for those folks already familiar with djundun rhythms and ready to move on in complexity and speed! If you are a beginner level student please join our 10am Saturday morning class for djundun playing! Class begins Wednesday evening July 17th at 6:45pm for a 4wk. session.

Wednesday evening BEGINNER AND BEYOND BEGINNER DJEMBE CLASS...."The Art and Magic of Hand Drumming"begins July 17th from 8-9pm  for a four week session. This is a fun and lively class of folks rocking' out on djembe! All levels join together to create great music as we learn songs and rhythms and solo phrases from West Africa! DRUMS ARE PROVIDED if you do not yet have your own. Come join us and discover the joy of hand drumming and group music making!