Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Just a reminder that a new round of classes start soon at Drumz !
DRUMZ.....celebrating creativity, compassion, communication and community through RHYTHM! Join us if you can for a six week session of hand drumming ....classes for all levels! Cost: $90 for six weekly classes. * Please note there are TWO beginner level classes and TWO Beyond Beginner level classes this session!

Beginners "Discovering the Magic of Hand Drumming
" meets Wednesday evenings from 8pm-9pm beginning March 9th. This is a class for those of you just starting out on the drummer's path! No previous experience is necessary for this class and drums are provided if you do not yet have your own. This class is also for those students who are novice drummers and newly on the drummer's path. It is advised that in honor of the drums and the traditions from which these drums come in West Africa, that we move to the next level of drumming only when ready...this is not about struggling and striving! This is about learning to learn with ease and relaxation and being comfortable and grateful being where you are, wherever that may be on the drummer's path! Another Beginner level class meets on Saturday mornings from 10am-11am, beginning March 12. You may move back and forth between these two classes as your schedule requires.

Beyond Beginner Class- The Wednesday evening Beyond Beginner class will resume this session at 6:45pm at DRUMZ. This class meets from 6:45-7:45pm on Wednesdays beginning March 9th. There is another Beyond Beginner Class on Saturday mornings from 11:15am-12:15pm. You may sign up for one day or the other but I do let students move back and forth between these two class times as their schedules demand!
This class is for those students who have had drumming experience, are knowledgeble about playing West African rhythms, have a grasp of the hand technique, and are ready to move on and learn more complicated rhythms and djundun and bell combination parts at a somewhat accelerated pace.

Intermediate/Beyond Beginner Djundun Class- Meets at 6:45pm on Thursdays. The next session begins MARCH 24th for this class! If you have your own djuns and you are able to bring either a sangban or djundunba or kinkine to class to play, please do! This class will focus on both triple djun ballet style parts AND three part djun traditional style.
We will learn many fun and interesting djundun parts with some echauffements and variations. Lots of fun! Previous experience required.

** Please bring your own sticks to class. Sticks are available for purchase at DRUMZ if you do not have your own!

Intermediate Djembe- Meets Thursday evenings from 8-9pm following djundun class. This class begins MARCH 24th. This class is for those students who have progressed through the Beyond Beginner class sessions and feel ready for more of a challenge at a faster pace! Many solo patterns and phrases will be learned in this class to allow for the beginning of soloing on djembe. Really fun class!