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Monday, November 30, 2015

Drumz December Class Schedule 2015

We are in the last days of 2015 now and classes at DRUMZ will soon be  winding down until the new session in January 2016! Where did the year go?  So many amazing students, old and new, and so many fun & exciting classes happened in this year... it's hard to keep up with them! I appreciate each of you and thank-you so much for your support of  Drumz as a small, local Austin business and me as a teacher...I have learned much from YOU! I look forward to the remaining December classes and I know the new year will bring much joy and growth and learning for us all, through our music and through all of our experiences in life! May we find the means to access the peace and joy within and the passion and commitment to spread that peace far and wide in the year to come and may peace prevail not just on Earth, but WITH Earth, in the year to come. 

With much gratitude, Sherry

REMAINING CLASSES FOR DECEMBER 2015! If you wish to drop in on these remaining classes, please do! The new six week session of Hand Drumming Classes at Drumz will begin in January on Saturday, January 9th. Please stay tuned for the all New January 2016 Class Schedule coming soon! If you wish to be on our mailing list to receive updates on classes and workshops at DRUMZ, please email Sherry at and request that your name be added to our current class mailing list! Thank-you for your interest!

TUESDAY EVENINGS- DRUMSISTA CLASS from 6:45pm-7:45pm - December 8th and December 15th...$17.50 per class on a drop in basis. A women's drum class in West African Ensemble....dunduns and djembe. December 8th and 15th remaining....$17.50 drop in.

TUESDAY EVENING- KRIN CLASS- A class on the Krin, an African log drum played with stickes from 8pm-9pm. Beyond Beginner/Intermediate level class. Must have a krin to join this class. (Krins are available at DRUMZ in our retail shop).December 8th and December 15th. Cost: $17.50 per class.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS- DUNDUN CLASS from 6:45-7:45pm. A fun and powerful instrument, the dundun is the African Bass Drum played with sticks and creating the bass support line for the West African music. An exciting and empowering instrument to learn to play! This class is a Beyond Beginner level class. December 9th and December 16th. $17.50 per class.

WEDNESDAY EVENING - BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER HAND DRUMMING- from 8pm-9pm. This class is for those just starting out on the Drummer's Path and those who have been on the path and are novices learning to play this beautiful and interactive community-style music from West Africa! Drums are provided for this class for those students who do not yet have drums of their own. Two classes remain in this sessio...Dec.9 and December 16th on a drop in basis....$17.50 per class. 

THURSDAY EVENING-INYTERMEDIATE/ADV DJEMBE/DUNDUN CLASS  from 6:45-7:45pm. Please touch base with the teacher at 512-453-9090 if you are interested in joining this class of students who have been on the drummer's path for a number of  years and are continuing to build on their skills and repertoire with continuing classes.

SATURDAY MORNINGS- BEGINNER/BEYOND BEGINNER HAND DRUMMING- ( *see listing above for Wednesday evening class at 8pm for description) 10am-11am. December 5th, 12th, and 19th remaining.

SATURDAY MORNING- BEGINNER BALAFON CLASS- 11:15am-12:15pm. Please join us for a fun class on these beautiful, melodic wooden xylophone instruments. This class is for students who have their own balafons and are familiar with West African rhythms and wish to learn about these amazing instruments that often accompany the drums and songs. Dec. 5th, 12th, and 19th remaining.