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Sunday, April 24, 2011

day, April 24, 2011

RECONNECTING WITH EARTH, A NEW DRUMMING AND DIALOG SERIES AT DRUMZ begins Tuesday evening MAY 10th from 7-8:30pm! Join us for this exciting new series at DRUMZ for a six weeks discussion course created by the Northwest Earth Institute!

Some of the themes we will cover in our discussions are Nature and Spirit, The Universe Story, Ecopsychology. Our Course Guide Book includes provocative and informative readings, interviews, and articles by John Muir, Thomas Berry, Rachel Carsen, John Seed, Joanna Macy, Arne Naess, Brian Swimme, Starhawk, Wendell Berry, Bill Plotkin and many more!

These programs are designed to encourage discussions that clarify personal values and attitudes, consensus is not the goal, and the group should not seek to reach agreement at the expense of diversity of opinion. As in a drum circle, every unique and individual voice is important and valued in these discussions and everyone's participation is encouraged and supported and welcomed! Each participant will receive a course book and the the discussions each week are based on our readings from the course book. The book is filled with powerful and deeply moving writings by leading authors and guides including naturalists, scientists, theologians, philosophers, and psychologists.
The small group discussion experience provides a unique framework for exploring personal values, attitudes, and habits while addressing the relevant issues of our times. All of these programs will be participant-led series of discussions held over a six week period. We will be meeting for an hour and a half each week for lively and often deeply heartfelt, always meaningful, discussions based on the readings included in the discussion guide. Everyone is invited to bring their own personal experience and critical thinking to the process! Each week we will close with a 30 minute Drum Circle, our closing rhythm to solidify and empower our group intention for our Earth.

Over the past 16 years, over 130,000 people have participated in NWEI programs, exploring ways in which citizens can make a difference in their communities. This course, Reconnecting with Earth, will be the first of several six week discussion sessions at DRUMZ and I am very excited to move DRUMZ in the direction of being a community center for DRUMMING AND DIALOG pertaining to issues of global importance and creating an environment to help empower people to make a difference in their own lives and in the world.

COST: $15 for the Course Guide Booklet ( yours to keep)
$10 per evening for Drum Circle & the space ( all instruments provided or bring your own drum)
Dialog and course is FREE!
Total: $75 for Six Weeks

I am excited about this opportunity to bring these powerful and deeply inspiring courses to the Austin Community and I look forward to an expanded path for DRUMZ as a community center to promote change and participate in a conscious evolution on our wondrous planet Earth!

With peace and gratitude,


DRUMZ SUMMER SESSION begins the week of JUNE 8th.
Please join us if you can for this final hand drumming session until September!

Beginner Classes-
We offer two beginner classes at DRUMZ....WEDNESDAY EVENINGS from 8-9pm(begins JUNE 8th) and also SATURDAY MORNINGS (begins JUNE 11th) from 10-11am. Students sign up for one or the other but are welcome to move back and forth between the two as their schedule demands! No previous drumming or musical experience is requires. If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! These classes will expand and develop your natural sense of rhythm and time, provide the fundamentals of hand drumming on West African Djembes , djunduns, shekeres and bells , and offer you the opportunity to play music and have an enormous amount of FUN in a group of supportive new friends!
Making music is our birthright! Sharing in creative rhythmic expression is an essential and valuable and deeply rewarding part of being human and opens the door to your creative spirit!

Beyond Beginner Classes-Drumz offers two Beyond Beginner on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS (JUNE 8th)at 6:45pm and one on SATURDAY MORNINGS ( JUNE 11TH)from 11:15am-12:15pm. These classes are for students who have taken beginner classes and feel comfortable that it is time to move on to the next level! Relaxation is KEY to developing as a drummer so it is important to practice being content to BE WHERE YOU ARE in this process of learning to drum ( and in life!) and never feel compelled to push yourself to learn beyond your skill level! Move to the next level only when ready and you will honor the tradition from which these drums and rhythms come! Be where you are GRATEFULLY, and you will honor yourSELF and your own spirit and eventually become the drummer of your dreams! Beyond Beginner classes move at a faster pace, require you to have your own drum, and involve a command of the hand technique, more complicated rhythm structure, and PRACTICE!

Intermediate Classes meet on THURSDAY EVENINGS(begins June 9th) . Djundun Classes , specializing in the West African bass drums, meet from 6:45pm-7:45pm and Djembe class meets from 8-9pm. The Intermediate
classes are for students who have been in the previous classes ( or had other experience with ensemble-style West African hand drumming) long enough to feel competent and comfortable enough to move to a class that moves at a faster pace, learns more complicated rhythmic patterns and many lengthy solo phrases, and requires practice and dedication to stay with the group skill level! It is important to check with the instructor if you are interested in joining these classes and have not previously attended the Intermediate classes. Again, the most important thing is to have FUN while learning at a level that allows you to move forward in your development as a drummer relaxed and without stress and striving! In order to execute the tones well to play the melodies of this beautiful music from Africa and to embody these amazing and intricate rhythmic patterns, one must learn with an open heart, a relaxed body, and a focused mind! One must FEEL the music in your heart, throughout your body, and with a conscious awareness in your mind! Pushing yourself and attempting to learn at a skill level beyond where you are only hinders your learning process erodes your passion! Through repetition one learns this language and like any foreign language, it takes time and patience and dedication.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW CLASSES IN HAND DRUMMING WILL BEGIN AT DRUMZ IN JUNE! Please stay posted for the new class session details and please email DRUMZ at to be on our mailing list for class calendars , special drumming and percussion workshop notifications , Kids Drumming Classes and Camps, and more! Or call Drumz at 453-9090 for more information!Thank-you for your interest!
In peace and gratitude,