Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

      Fall Hand drumming Classes begin Saturday, August 31st!

                           With Sherry Gingras at the Studio at DRUMZ on Kerbey Lane!
Group hand drumming at DRUMZ!

 Tuesday Evenings at DRUMZDRUMSISTA class …hand drumming class for women! Must have some drumming experience and have your own drum for this class! Please call and talk to the instructor(Sherry) at DRUMZ if you are interested or would like more information! Some performance opportunities will be an option for this group.Class begins September 3rd from 7-8pm and is a 6 week class. Cost:$100. 512-453-9090

Wednesday Evenings at DRUMZDjunDun Classes for Beyond Beginner students! Class meets from 6:45pm-7:45pm at 3700 ½ Kerbey Lane.  Register at 512-453-9090. This is a 6 week session beginning September 4th. Cost:$100

Wednesday evenings at DRUMZ….Beginner Hand drumming…"Discovering the Magic” with Sherry Gingras . 3700 ½ Kerbey Lane. Register at 512-453-9090 . Class meets from 8pm-9pm and this is a 6 week session beginning September 4th. Cost:$100

Thursday evenings at DRUMZ Intermediate Djembe and Djun Dun meets 6:45-7:45pm…This class is for students who have had enough previous instruction to be at an intermediate level. Class meets for 1 hours weekly and the class begins September 5th  and this is a 6 week session. The first 3 weeks will be focused on djundun parts and the second 3 weeks will be djembe support rhythms and solo phrases, introductions, orchestration for the rhythms we are learning. Cost: $100 at DRUMZ on Kerbey Lane. 512-453-9090 Please talk to the instructor if you are interested in this class and need more information to determine if you are a match for this class!

Saturday Mornings at DRUMZBeginner Hand drumming…”Discovering the Magic” with Sherry Gingras at DRUMZ , 3700 ½ Kerbey Lane from 10am-11am. Register at 512-453-9090. This is a 6 week session beginning August 31st. Cost: $100

 Saturday Mornings at DRUMZBeyond Beginner Hand Drumming…for students who have their own drums, have taken some class sessions at Drumz ( or elsewhere!) and are ready to move on down the drummer’s path! Class meets from 11:15am-12:15pm and begins August 31st. This is a 6 week session. Cost: $100