Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A New Session of Classes begins at DRUMZ October 14th!

Join hearts and hands and learn the rhythms and songs of during this last session of six week classes at DRUMZ for 2104! 

Tuesday night Classes-

   (Begins October 14th)

DRUMSISTAS meets Tuesday evenings from 6:45-7:45pm This is a women's all-level class that meets and learns traditional rhythms and songs from West Africa on Djembe and Djundun as possible material to draw from for the big public Spring Concert with the Hildegirls ( Susan Lincoln's amazing Women's Choral Group). It is necessary to have your own drum and to have taken at least one or two beginner sessions at DRUMZ or had comparable djembe/or djundun experience with another teacher to participate in this class as the material we play is more a Beyond Beginner/ intermediate level. We have an enormous amount of fun and these classes have created a wonderful library of material from which to draw for the big  Spring Concert! You may take this class without a comittment to do the Spring concert, though many of the participants in this class do take the 12 week session that begins in early February and culminates in the large Spring Benefit Concert. Cost: $100

KRIN CLASS ( AFRICAN LOG DRUM) meets 8-9pm. This class also equires that you have your own log drum. We have log drums for sale at DRUMZ if you are interested in purchasing and being a part of this class. Krins are played with sticks and are awesome instruments to play and to listen to! They have added a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm and excitement to our performances! This is an all-level class.Cost: $100

Wednesday nights (Begins October 15th)

Beyond Beginner Djundun meets from 6:45pm-7:45pm. This is a class playing the large and powerful Africa African bass drums called "djuduns". There are three djuns in each set, the Kinkine, the Sangban, and the Djundunba( from small to large). These instruments are played with sticks, are two sided and headed with cowhide, and form the bass line for the rhythms and songs we play! They are amazing and exciting to play and this class is always filled with great and joyful energy and much enthusiasm! Join us if you can! Cost: $100 for a six week session.

BEGINNER'S "Exploring the Magic of hand drumming" classes begin Oct. 15th, Wednesday nights from 8-9pm. This is a wonderful introduction to the rhythms and songs of Africa and provides you with rhythm fundamentals, hand technique (and exercises to develop it), as well as some traditional rhythm patterns and songs, and an opportunity to explore impromptu rhythms and music in a very warm, supportive, and cooperative group. Sherry believes in the importance of group music making as a powerful tool in staying connected to our own spirits, the spirits of others, and the rhythms and spirits of the natural world! No previous experience is necessary! Drums are provided for this Beginner level class on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and also for the Saturday morning classes which meet at 10am on Saturdays!  COST: $100



On Saturday morning, October 18th from 10:30-noon, join us for a DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING WORKSHOP at THE STUDIO at  Drumz with Sherry Gingras. This workshop is perfect for all those just embarking on the drummer's path and those students who are novices, to learn the language of the drum, deepen listening skills, practice fundamentals, learn about the history of the African djembe and the ensemble playing style, learn a traditional rhythm or two and the accompanying songs, learn about drum circle etiquette, how to tune a djembe and more! We will end our class with an impromtu in-the-moment-rhythm and experience the joys of a drum circle in harmony and connected to the pulse! IF YOU HAVE A HEARTBEAT, YOU HAVE RHYTHM! This is a great opportunity to relax and have fun playing music together as a community for those of you just beginning but also for the beginner level student who wants to learn more and play more with others! Group drumming is an ancient tradition in all indigenous cultures and is one of the main ways a community stays vibrant and healthy and connected! Rhythm is the soul of life....everything inside of us and everything around us is in rhythm...all the time! Rhythm connects us to our own spirits, to others, and to the natural world in a primal and intuitive way. Without rhythm, there is no life! Join us in a very supportive and warm group setting and discover an amazing  pathway for the expression of your creative spirit! COST: $25 each or bring a friend and pay only $20 each! Call DRUMZ at 512-453-9090 to reserve a space or email Sherry at MC/VISA accepted