Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Thursday, November 20, 2014

DRUMZ Beginner Hand Drumming Class meets Saturday mornings from 10am-11am ( started Sat. Nov. 15th) and has openings for drop-ins and students who want to take the remaining 5 weeks of this current session of classes! Please just come at 10am on Saturdays and join us!The remaining 5 weeks Cost:$85 or Individual classes are $17.50 each

The Wednesday evening classes will not be meeting on Wednesday Nov. 26th( due to Thanksgiving) but will  have one more class meeting on Dec. 3rd , this would be both the Beyond Beginner Djundun class ( 6:45-7:45pm) and the Wednesday evening Beginner class ( 8-9pm). We will begin our Winter III Session on Saturday Jan. 10th, 2015! Looking forward to another incredible year of classes at DRUMZ. 2015 will be the 12th year of classes at DRUMZ! The 2015 Class Schedule will be posted Dec. 1st! Thank-you so much for your friendship and your support of the classes at Drumz during 2014! I can't express my gratitude enough for the countless great memories that I hold in my heart from the experience of these powerful and joyful exchanges during our classes together! I never cease to be amazed by you all and your capacity for growth and fellowship and healing and hilarity and compassion and creativity and boundless enthusiasm! Each and every one of you has brought an invaluable contribution to our community of classes at DRUMZ and I thank-you so much for your willingness to share your spirit and your time and your energy so generously! May the peace of the forest, the warmth of the sun, the song of the birds, the life of the rain, the joy of the wind....all the mystery and beauty of life's music be with us and bless us until we meet again! And may all of our rhythms be in celebration of diversity...may all of our rhythms be bridges to understanding...and may all of our rhythms be instruments of peace and of healing...of connection, of joy, and of hope!Axe!Axe!

Much Love and gratitude to all of you....YOU are the music....YOU are the rhythm....YOU are the drum... Sherry