Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Sunday, January 11, 2015

As the New Year begins let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me...let us keep that intention always in our hearts in 2015. Not just Peace on Earth, but Peace WITH Earth as we move consciously towards an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this plant.
Classes Begin this week at Drumz and the January 2015 Schedule can be found in some depth in a post below. This post is the abbreviated version just to keep you updated!
All classes are in six week sessions and each session consists of six one hour classes. Cost: $100 per session. The Intermediate level class on Thursday nights is an hour and a half class and cost is $140 for the session. This class requires the approval of the instructor as it is an advanced level class and all other classes are one hour and do not require advanced approval of any kind! They are all self appointed!
WINTER I SESSION JANUARY 2015 begins this week at DRUMZ, starting January 13th.

Tuesday Evenings
Krin Class meets from 6:30pm-7:30pm ( African Log Drum) for Beyond Beginner and Intermediate level begins January 13th, 2015.

* Drumsista Women's Performance Class will begin on Tuesday nights on Feb. 10th from 7:30-9pm and will be a 12 week all-level session culminating in a large public performance with the vocal group The Hildegirls at a Benefit Concert for WESTCAVE Outdoor Discovery Center, an amazing organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of their 75 acre preserve outside of Austin , to leading the way in environmental education, and empowering nonprofits that connect children and families to nature.

Wednesday Mornings
Women's "Remembering Rhythm" hand drum and djundun morning class meets from 10:30am-11;30am at Drumz.  All level class .Begins Jan. 14th.

Wednesday Evenings
Beyond Beginner Djundun class. We play on the large djudduns, the West African Bass Drums played with sticks. Please bring at least one djun ( either a kinkine, sangban or djundunba)  from your set if you have a djun set. Everyone is required to have their own sticks, and there are sticks for djuns for sale at DRUMZ if you have not yet purchased sticks for this class! Begins January 14th.

 Beginner's "Discovering the Magic of Hand drumming" class from 8-9pm. Drums are provided for this level so just dress comfortably and please join us in learning the basics and working on the fundamentals of this music, learning songs and history as well as traditional rhythms and in-the-moment improvised rhythms. Non-competitive supportive setting and teaching style. Much fun and excitement and instant gratification! Class begins Wed. evening January 14th.

Thursday Afternoons
Hand Drumming and djundun class in Briarcliff, Texas at the teacher's home in the Hill Country outside of Austin off Hwy. 71 West. Class meets from 3-4pm on Thursdays. Please call Drumz at 512-453-9090 if you would like to join this class and we will send directions. Begins Jan. 15th.

 Thursday Evenings
 Intermediate/Advanced West African Djembe and djundun classes 7-8:30pm. Instructor's approval is needed to attend this class as it is an advanced Intermediate level class and will require the skill level to move at a faster pace, execute technique with precision and skill, be familiar with longer compositions, traditional solos, breaks, more complex rhythm patterns and structure etc. Begins Thursday Jan. 22.

Saturday Mornings
Beginner's "Discovering the Magic of Hand drumming" from 10-11am. For Beginners just starting on the drummers path as well as beginners who have already started on the path and have a few sessions under their belts!  Very supportive and hugely FUN classes! Begins Saturday Jan. 17th

 The Art and Fundamentals of Soloing-  meets 11:15am-12:15pm on Saturday mornings. Learn some of the pathways to creating great solo parts and have the opportunity to learn some exciting traditional solo patterns as well. A great new class to open up the doorway and build the confidence to step out more and express yourSELF with more ease, skill and competence as a drummer with the help of some tools and building blocks to guide you. Class begins January 17th.